You don’t like biology? Well now you just asked to be dropped off by the side of the road and forced to walk all those freakin’ miles home to Jersey. What’s not there to appreciate? It’s LIFE. I mean, the smartest geniuses have trouble making a robot but the dumbest person is still able to produce another complex living being. It’s just remarkable how these things, these structures are actually able to do something on their own. I mean… there are… bi… well.. it’s not just a certain type of people, you’d be surprised but a lot of people… who… have a hard time finding something recognizable in abstract ideas and concepts like those in theoretical physics or astrophysics. You can’t see it; it is just so out there. I mean, what do you really see? It’s just BLIMP, it’s gone in a second, and you see a data point on a computer and all that excitement for that. It’s kind of a cold way, a cold thinking. Truth is, I have no freakin’ clue how I came to like biology, but it is life and you have to remind yourself to appreciate it.

threekelvin’s Uncle

- so much for small talk

- he has his own lab and he teaches neurobiology

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Biology is incredible! It’s us! I like your uncle. 

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Taking a shot at a personal post.

Nobody told me how hard it was dealing with people with depression. Two of my friends are going through hell, and there is so little I can do. One lost his home, his parents disowned him and kicked him out. He almost lost his chance at education because his parents refused to continue paying and he didn’t have enough time to get loans and whatnot. 

Another one is living with a secret from his parents, having to hear them fight over and over. He has to choose between them, deal with his own standards, which he can’t seem to meet. He also has an almost pathological need to help others even when it is clear he is the one who needs the most help. 

Both are dealing with that, their own self in a place where most people do not approve of who they are. And I don’t know what to do to help. Other than showing them that I am here for them, what else can I do? How do you deal with someone with a medical predisposition of sadness and a whole lot of reasons to be sad?

I know one of them is self-harming but I do not know how to confront him. This is very difficult situation. 

I’m still unsure on which direction I’m going to take this blog. I like the tumblr interface, and I like what little community I’ve seen. But whatever I choose to do, one has to stop and admire pokemon. Look at that Ampharos man. 

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Tumblr observation 2:

Tumblr is probably the most personal webpage I have ever seen. People here treat their blogs as diaries. It’s really interesting really. I’m used to blogs that mainly post news, or articles, something more resembling a feature column in a newspaper.  I’ve seen this type of blogs here in tumblr too, but I from the blogs I’ve visited in the past couple of days easily 85% of them are personal blogs. 

Also, fandoms. 


Why are you yelling at me?

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Tumblr observation 1

I’ve been here one day, and for a blogging site, only a small group of the blogs I’ve seen post actual blog posts. Interesting.

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